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Izzy, John Masefield High School and Sixth Form

The Hate U Give

I found ‘The Hate U Give’ an amazing and gripping book full of real world problems. The book tells the story of an African-American girl (Starr) growing up in two different realities - the one in which she lives in and the one in which she goes to school in. The life she leads in ‘Garden Heights’ is full of gangs, drugs and law breaking whilst her school life (a posh private school 45 minutes from where she lives) consists of law-abiding and education to the highest of standards; with friends that she cannot fully be herself with for fear of being judged as a thug. The story continues to show the social inequality she faces.
Starr’s best friend Khalil is shot by a white police officer despite seemingly doing nothing wrong. You watch as Starr’s personal life falls in an endless void of racism and protests for Khalil.
‘The Hate You Give’ speaks out about reality for some of these young people and the unjustice they face in their normal day lives. I would strongly recommend the book as it will open your eyes to the terrifying reality the media do not show or the true stories we choose to ignore.

Posted on: 20th April 2018 at 07:38 pm

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