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Izzy, John Masefield High School and Sixth Form


Release is a story told from two different people. One is of a boy facing the fact he is gay and his family not accepting him for who he is and the other a spirit who seeks vengeance on the boy who killed her. The boy (Adam) battles with the social problems and unacceptability of being gay along with finding out about his brother. The brother has got an unexpected girl pregnant. Both boys do not feel as though they want to tell their parents as they believe they will be disappointed or unaccepting.
The spirit is of a girl who was killed by her boyfriend who was under the influence of forms of drugs. She seeks to find him to destroy him the way he destroyed her. The two cross paths at a party by the lake the girl drowned at. Their stories entwine but are not relevant completely to each other.
I would strongly recommend this book as I feel as though it displays how unaccepting society is and you should love someone no matter what they choose or do. However, I would not recommend the book to readers under 13 for the strong themes throughout the book. The book is truly a work of art and Patrick Ness should be very proud by what he has accomplished with this book.

Posted on: 20th April 2018 at 07:52 pm

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