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Lyla, Glossopdale School


This is the most brilliant book Patrick Ness has ever written!

The story is loosely based around Patrick's life but is about a young boy named Adam Thorn who is the son of Brian and Lydia Thorn - his father Big Brain Thorn is a pastor at a local Church, 'The House Upon The Rock' and is extremely homophobic. Unfortunately for him, Adam is gay and Marty (Adam's brother) has a big surprise for their parents too! The second plot to this book is about a girl named Kathrine who was strangled then drowned in the lake.

I love Patrick Ness' style of writing where there is a paranormal and normal world happening at the same time - they somehow always entwine in the end. This novel reminded me of 'The Rest of Us Just Live Here' - which I read earlier this year - with the way the text is written.

Personally, my favourite character is Martin Thorn (Adam's older brother) because he is very supportive of Adam and doesn't seem to care that he's gay. He loves his brother no matter what and Adam shows the same level of care for him too. In addition to this, Marty breaks his surprising news to Adam first while he's on his run and even though Adam gets annoyed, he still cares for his brother, despite the fact that it isn't clear at first.

In contrast, my least favourite character is Enzo - Adam's ex-boyfriend who might never "come back out after burrowing so far into the closet it's like he's looking for straight Narnia". The way he left Adam was unacceptable and he tried to bury his feelings so deep it's like he didn't want them there at all.

All the characters are fantastic and it's quite easy to understand what each of them is thinking in this one day.

In conclusion I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it was perfectly written and even though there wasn't much story-line to it, it was still an amazing story-line! I also like the fact that the whole book is set in one day and how the two stories are connected at the end. I would recommend this to people aged fourteen plus but only if they knew how to deal with these situations well and in a responsible and sensible way.

Posted on: 22nd April 2018 at 08:00 pm

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