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Josh, Highams Park School

Saint Death

Saint Death is an interesting book to say the least. It includes graphic descriptions of violence and is very thought provoking, though some scenes in the book may be too explicit and gruesome for younger readers. The novel and the detail that is in it is honest and brutal and engages in the reader by making them think about their lives compared to that of someone living in Mexico. I enjoyed how honest this story was as I mentioned before - and I cannot say this for others - but I found that it made me take a step back and think. There is one part in particular in the novel, where one character says that the only reason there was this violence in Latin America over the drug trade and all this death and unhappiness, was because of those people in richer countries like the USA that fuel the demand for drugs, because if there was no one to buy those drugs there would be no reason to fight over them, and all the factories that operate unfairly and often illegally, produce those things that we take for granted, at the expense of the factory workers who get paid next to nothing and are treated terribly.
Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend to everyone that is mature enough to read the explicit material, and whilst its not the best book shortlisted it is definitely one that I would highly recommend.

Posted on: 22nd April 2018 at 10:38 pm

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