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Jakub, Book Hunters

Where the World Ends

The story was a really interesting adventure, set in St. Kilda, 1727. It’s about 9 men and 3 boys who live on an island with no trees. They have to feed on bird eggs, as the island has only a couple different food sources. The group sets off on their deadly adventure but unfortunately, they are not rescued, leaving everyone (except one boy) to believe the world has ended. For 9 months they were left there, surviving on little to nothing. The one boy, who was the only one to keep his sanity, is called Quill or Quilliam. The book had used advanced sentence structures and words, for example using “Meirleach” instead of thief. I found the book really interesting and fun to read. I think that because the story actually happened, it found it making everything more serious, making me feel sorry for everyone whose went through that horror.

Posted on: 23rd April 2018 at 09:22 am

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