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Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth is about a boy named Prez who meets an alien called Sputnik. The alien came to Earth to try to save the planet by writing a guide book of the ten greatest things that Earth offers. If Sputnik fails to do so then Earth will be destroyed to make space in the universe.
The concept of the alien is strange because of how he is seen as a dog to everyone but Prez, who sees him as a small human boy. The story is hard to understand from the beginning because the author makes it clear that Prez doesn’t speak much, at all, but he is speaking in first person throughout the book. It is not made clear he is telepathically speaking with the alien until the second chapter. This makes the book hard to understand until we find out about the alien’s telepathic abilities in chapter 2. This makes the first chapter seem very strange and makes the book hard to understand from the beginning, which put me of reading the book further in case off further confusion throughout the book.
The chapters in this book are strange due to weird chapter names like ‘milk’ (chapter 8) and ‘spaghetti’ (chapter 20). The main plot doesn’t start until chapter 7 and 8 which makes the book less interesting to read as there is no purpose in reading these chapters. It is quite a long introduction to the book and build up to the plot because the book is only 27 chapters long. This makes the chapters at the beginning less interesting to read because they do not help the reader to understand what is going on. When the story of Sputnik’s quest actually begins, the story isn’t that bad because it is much clearer and easier to understand as the beginning was a little confusing.
I would recommend this book to younger children, maybe 8-12, because the plot of an alien coming to write a list of why earth is worth not being destroyed and that the alien looks like a dog to everyone but Prez, is just a childish story plot. The quality of the writing in this book is very simple, which makes it appear childish because the wording of the book is not demanding. I would not recommend this book to people above the age of 12 because they would see the book as strange and childish and not very interesting to read. I found it difficult to get in to because of it being more suitable for younger readers which made the book seem boring for me to read. It is an overall OK book but in my opinion it is in the wrong age group.

Posted on: 22nd May 2017 at 02:08 pm

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