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'Rail Head' is a book about a young boy who is a small-time thief who is taken on a journey across several worlds whilst fighting for himself and his freedom. This book is a captivating read in a richly imagined universe. The futuristic ideologies of the worlds mixed in with the old-school beliefs of gods provides an interesting mix of the future and the past. The idea of multiple planets linked by a rail network of space bridges is one that interests me and is perfect for many more adventures and interpretations there. The main character, Zen, is a petty thief, stealing food from markets until he is noticed by exiled Raven, a war criminal intent on revenge. The rest of the book focuses on Zen helping Raven to steal an important artefact for more information about Zen’s past. Zen is helped on his way by the strangest creature I have ever come across: hive monks, this is a single being made up of thousands of small insect creatures, and also a machine in a human-like body, a motorik.
I found this book quite interesting and enjoyable, however the setting and the actual content of the book were not very relatable to real life. The setting was…out-there with the weirdest of places. In conclusion I kind of enjoyed the book but it is not one I would pick up again in a while of my own accord. I would, however recommend this book to someone that enjoys science-fiction because it is an interesting book with plenty of surprises. Thank you for reading my review on ‘Rail Head.’

Posted on: 22nd May 2017 at 02:18 pm

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