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Lucy, Diary of a Thorpe Kid

Night Shift

This book is about a young girl who was struggling with depression. I liked how the author used pictures of a dragon breathing fog instead of writing,'I felt like a dragon was breathing fog', as it made the book more exciting. I disliked the theme as it gave me an awful feeling. The young girl had no hope when she was on the ground, she had a little bit more when she was climbing and when she reached the top, she was full of hope. Also, I thought that the stripy black and white feather was a turning point for the girl, as she finally felt like someone else was going through the same situation. If I had to describe the book in three words, I would use depressed, unhappy and blackness. The pictures match the theme of the book and are drawn well with amazing shading. I enjoyed reading this book.

Posted on: 23rd April 2018 at 06:35 pm

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