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Ocean, Sir Harry Smith Community College

The Hate U Give

I loved this book. It was theme heavy but it had a great storyline and it got a really powerful message through. It was really emotional and makes you want to cry at a few scenes. Khalil's story is so sad what happened to him should have never happened. The language was easy enough to understand but I do think they could have restricted the swearing on the first part but it gets better. It really makes you think about what's happening in it and how Starr is trying to get her message through that Khalil shouldn't have died because of his race. It's really sad how he didn't get to grow up or anything and when you're reading it you get really frustrated with one-fifteen because he should've been on the trial for murder. It was very well written and it draws you to it making you want to finish it. The way starr has to change her personality at school so people don't judge her by the colour of her skin is sickening. This shouldn't have to happen in life people should be treated equally were all human. How at the end she has the courage to speak her mind and stand up for Khalil’s sake and to speak her mind to Hailey. I really think this book deserves to win ( I know I haven't read them all..yet) because it has a serious message to put through to the audience that ALL people should be treated equally no matter of their race, colour or even gender. It sparks emotion and deserves an award.

Posted on: 23rd April 2018 at 08:25 pm

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