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Lottie , Sidcot School

After the Fire

After the Fire is based on one girls journey back to reality after being part of a religious group that has been separated from reality known as the Lords Legion. The group has been banished from the outside world and only taught what the leader wants but soon the main character, Moonbeam realises and does her best to get out. After the fire is written through flashbacks as well as closed sessions where questions are answered.

At the start of After the Fire I was a bit confused but as you read on you get roped in and want to find out what happened. Using the flashbacks as part of the story gradually makes the story clearer and adds more and more pieces of evidence to the story, like a jigsaw. As you learn more about Moonbeam's life you feel sorry for her and some readers may be emotionally attached by her story. Throughout the book Will Hill uses descriptive language, multiple metaphors and powerful imagery to help the reader understand what could be quite a confusing story.

The cover of After the Fire is not screaming read me now but if you are willing to take time and look into what is a great book then the cover can stem lots of questions, the title also attracts readers but I did not expect it to be so touching and I'm sure most people thought this! Moonbeam's story is a compelling and effective story but also tragic in some parts as well as moving and touching. I would defiantly recommend this heart aching moving book.

Posted on: 23rd April 2018 at 08:59 pm

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