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Abhi, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow, I have to say, is a remarkable book. Although I was reading the book for the sake of it throughout the first part of it, as soon as the plot developed, I couldn't put it down! The author, Wolk manages to play with the reader’s desire for righteous justice through the story with quite a bit of dramatic irony making us almost frustrated at times.

The book is set in America, with everyone recovering from WW1 and focuses on Annabelle, a quiet girl with a customary life until Betty, a bully walks into her life. When Betty begins to aim her anger towards a war veteran Toby who is an outcast from society, it is up to Annabelle to help Toby. Wolk’s decision to have a child as the main character, I found strange at first, but now I can say it was a brilliant decision. Annabelle is a strong female protagonist who has more integrity and courage than many of the adults in her life. Annabelle is polite and respectful, dedicated to family, and willing to try to see the good in all people, making us look at her character in awe.

My favourite thing about the book was the way it makes you feel deeply for veterans of war, especially the way trauma can change someone and how little sympathy and patience we sometimes extend to those we don't understand and due to this, the book draws some parallels to Harper Lee's To Kill A Mocking Bird with Toby and Boo Radley having similar experiences with society.

Overall, this is a masterfully written book and I would recommend this to anyone over the age of 10 as it such an intense book and everyone can learn something from it.

Posted on: 2nd April 2017 at 04:25 pm

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