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Matthew, Enfield Grammar School

Beyond the Bright Sea

Well where do I begin? Well let me start by saying I enjoyed reading through Lauren Wolk’s first book Wolf Hollow. It was full of mystery and suspense that made me want to read on. The description was fantastic and raised my already high level of expectation.

At first I was slightly sceptical about Beyond The Bright Sea. The cover was quite bland and lacked personality. However when I realised the author was Lauren Wolk, I knew it had to be good. Since this was her second book, I was expecting it to be even better than Wolf Hollow. That it would be full of adventure and even more excitement. Well, Beyond The Bright Sea has failed to disappoint me.

I was entranced with how Lauren had somehow lead me to believe that I was a part of the story. She made me feel as though I was there and that I knew the characters all my life. I loved the fierce yet loving Miss Maggie and the secretive but entertaining Osh, and Crow (the star of the novel and by far my most beloved fictional character of all time). Crow is curious, like us all, and makes you question about where she came from, who, when, where and why. Why she was put in a small skiff and pushed out to sea when she was just hours old? Why did Osh take her in and care for dear old Crow? All these questions are slowly answered through out the book and will encourage you to read on.

The chapters are short and sweet and doesn’t feel like a stretch just to finish one. You could easily read at least three chapters in one sitting. The chapters are also equally balanced with a mixture of description and dialogue so you don’t feel overwhelmed when being described a house or an island. However I felt like the book contained many unnecessary points that I felt like were just put in to increase the word count. For example, do we really need to know how Crow spends her free time? No not really.

To conclude, I really enjoyed Lauren Wolk’s second novel Beyond the Bright Sea, as it felt like you were part of the story and Crow’s life. I loved the characters and the mystery and questions brewed in my head as I was reading. It was a real joy to read.

Beyond the Bright Sea gets a 9/10, would recommend.

Posted on: 23rd April 2018 at 09:59 pm

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