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Gladys, Malbank

Salt to the Sea

This book, Salt to the Sea, had an interesting and original plot and was at a reasonable pace, making it both easy to read and keeping you interested in the story, making you want to read on.

The author set the time and place perfectly, describing the atmosphere of the war through the eyes of the characters, and showing how much they had lost and sacrificed. The area around them was also shown through the characters' feelings, showing them as cold and desperate, like the world around them.

The characters themselves were believable, as they were in a situation that really happened a long time ago, their feelings and emotions were well shown as well, as they were first person and told from the character's own mind.

The writing style was interesting and skipped from character to character every other page, meaning you would always be learning something new, finding each character's perspective on the same event. However, at the start of the story, before you got to know each character, it was hard to follow who was who and what was happening.

Overall this was an exiting and enticing book, that I would definitely recommend to my fellow pupils. Out of ten I would give this book nine.

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 09:33 am

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