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Emily, Malbank

Wolf Hollow

This was an original story. However, it includes the war and so do other books. This story wasn't gripping in the slightest, I was immediately bored after the first few pages. I couldn't read more even though we were given another week to read, I wasn't enjoying it.

However, the description was not enough. I would've liked there to be more description in the characters. There was a bully named Betty but I couldn't get a good image of her to really imagine. The words didn't jump out to me, like they were really realistic, they were very stereotyped and that's another reason I couldn't think of them as real people. I didn't have a favourite character, as they weren't interesting at all.

I definitely didn't like the author's writing style, although it may be appealing to other readers. It didn't go fast enough, it went really slowly.

Sad to say but I wasn't satisfied, and wouldn't attempt to read this again. The book could be improved by making it faster paced. The characters' descriptions would be better and lastly the backstories. If we had more of a view of what they were, it would be more interesting and the understanding would be better. I recommend it to 8-10 yrs.

This would be a... Hmmmm 2/10 :) Thanks for reading!

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 09:35 am

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