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Jessica, Malbank

The Bone Sparrow

I managed to read all of the book and I found it amazing. It is a very gripping, hilarious but heart breaking book.

From the start, I was hooked. The description of the setting and characters were detailed enough to understand. Also, the situation was clear enough to understand.

The characters seemed realistic enough to understand as this book is inspired by the situation that is actually happening today so the characters related to actual refugees, but were still fictitious.

My favourite character was the Shakespeare Duck, which is the rubber duck that figuratively talked. It seemed unrealistic as Subhi was imagining the duck's speech but what the duck says sometimes is absolutely hilarious. I really enjoyed that character.

I found the plot gripping and it had a fast enough pace that made me want to keep on reading to the end. I liked how the plot was uplifting at some points then tragic at other points.

I managed to understand the style of the story; most of the words seemed understandable to me.

The ending itself satisfied me. Despite a heart breaking turning point near the end, I was a little happier by the last chapter and how some things turned out.

I would rate this book a 10/10 as I really enjoyed it. I have never read a book like this one before and it actually really interested me. I liked how the characters were connected to the situation. I would definitely recommend this book to other pupils.

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 09:35 am

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