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Maliha, Ark Putney Academy

The Stars at Oktober Bend

‘The Stars at Oktobar Bend’ was a startling, sad, and upsetting book to read.

Alice is 15 and suffers from a brain injury, the result of a vicious attack. She has not been able to grow up and in her head is still 12, which is when she was attacked. She has lost most of her family, only her grandma and brother Joey, remain. She writes poetry as it is easier than talking and stays away from the people in the town who scare her as they do not understand and make fun of her.

Manny is a year older than Alice and has been a child soldier. He is also hiding from the world and his memories. He finds one of Alice’s poems and then finds Alice.

I found the story quite difficult to understand and did not really enjoy it. In my opinion it is not a book for younger readers as the themes are quite adult. It is also very emotional.

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 09:48 am

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