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Megan, St Helen and St Katharine

Wed Wabbit

Minnie loves Wimbley woos and her many toys including “Wed wabbit” as well as the books about the Wimbley woos. Fidge (Minnie’s older sister) hates these toys and uses Wed Wabbit to wipe up a spill created by juice. When out shopping Fidge is angry because the shop had closed. Minnie drops Wed Wabbit and Fidge kicks the toy onto the road. Minnie runs after him and gets hit by a car which means they can’t go on holiday. Fidges’ mum stays in hospital with Minnie so has to stay with her irritating cousin Graham.
Graham is scared of everything: Stairs, ponds and lots more. At Grahams house both children end up in a magical land where the Wimbley woos live. Here they have to save the land to be able to leave. It is Minnie’s world from her imagination and it is run by Wed wabbit. Fidge makes lots of friends in this new land, but she remembers what Minnie has said about this strange land, knowledge that will help her succeed! With her new friends Fidge works to make sure they can escape, including hiding from the blue wimbleys and trying to solve the purples riddle. Like the juice that was soaked up the colour starts leaving the multi-coloured land.
The friends are running out of time. They decide they need to go into the castle and have a talk with Wed wabbit. First they need to get past the guards, with the help of the other colours they devise a game that will play to the weaknesses of their opponents. They manage to get into the castle to speak to Wed wabbit. Will they triumph? The journey and the challenges have taught the Cousins some useful life lessons. Graham has learnt to be brave and is no longer scared of anything anymore.
They return home and find that a new book has been published about Wimbley Woos reflecting their adventures, is it all true?
I really enjoyed this book because it was fun and adventurous. I have never read anything like it. I liked thinking about what the Wimbley woos looked like throughout the book. It was very poetic because the Wimbley woos spoke in Rhyme. I like reading poems so this appealed to me. I would recommend it to my friends.
Wimbley woos are creatures I would never think of because how many people think of coloured talking bins? I liked how Graham changed throughout the book from being afraid of everything to daring and adventurous. I liked how Fidge was brave and believed in everyone.
Fidge knew her sister Minnie well, so it helped them through the story.
Rating: 4/5

Posted on: 24th April 2018 at 08:48 am

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