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Lucy, St Helen and St Katharine

The Stars at Oktober Bend

Alice is fifteen, with hair as red as fire and skin as pale as bone, but something inside her is broken. She has a brain injury, the result of an assault. Manny was once a child soldier. He is sixteen and has lost all his family. When Manny first sees Alice, she is sitting on the rusty roof of her river house, looking like a carving on an old-fashioned ship, sailing through the stars. He has a poem in his pocket and he knows the words by heart. And he is sure that girl has written them. When Manny and Alice meet they find the beginnings of love and healing. I thought that this book was a very good illustration of what could happen, and has happened, to people all over the world. I thought that the book was very well written to emphasize Alice's condition, but I found it slightly harder to read like this. Overall, I would give this book a 9 out of 10 as I found the writing style how to read, but as a whole, it was very good.

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 09:51 am

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