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Wolf Hollow

Growing up in the shadows cast by two world wars, Annabelle has lived a mostly quiet, steady life in her small Pennsylvania town. Until the day new student Betty Glengarry walks into her class. Betty quickly reveals herself to be cruel and manipulative, and while her bullying seems isolated at first, things quickly escalate, and reclusive World War I veteran Toby becomes a target of her attacks. While others have always seen Toby’s strangeness, Annabelle knows only kindness. She will soon need to find the courage to stand as a lone voice of justice as tensions mount.
Annabelle McBride is the main character and narrator of Wolk’s novel Wolf Hollow. Annabelle is twelve, pretty, kind, dark haired and dark eyed. She is an avid reader and deeply loves her family, especially her parents. Annabelle also becomes friends with Toby, in whom she recognizes a troubled soul that needs kindness, a kindness which she is happy to provide. Annabelle also comes to feel real fear for the first time in her life because of Betty’s bullying, initially refusing and later deciding to tell her parents about things after Henry is harmed. It is also through Betty’s bullying in which Betty eventually comes to target Toby after Toby defends Annabelle.
I really liked this book as it shows a really good example of friendship. I didn't like the character of Betty as she is a bully, and my favourite part of the book was when Annabelle stood up to her by telling her parents. I would give this a 9 out of 10, as it wasn't really my type of book, but it was very well written.

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 09:52 am

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