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Jack, Forest Hill School Yr9 Shackleton

After the Fire

After the Fire is one of those books that give almost nothing away in the title and the blurb, which in a way draws you into the books even more. The blurb in itself is slightly misleading, so when the book turns to after the fire almost immediately, it throws you off.

After the Fire throws you straight into the ending at the beginning, immediately drawing me in, at least. Moonbeam is struggling to deal with the events of the fire, and the further the book goes along the more she is stripped back, and there is a sequence of wonderful twists and turns that makes you question everything you have read in the book so far, and whether Moonbeam is the innocent protagonist she is made out to be.

The book contains some very adult and powerful themes, being a reflection of the Waco siege of the Branch Davidians in Texas. There are themes of indoctrination and brainwashing, as well as the idea that people can be manipulated through blind faith.

After the Fire is a brilliant book that draws you into a world of cults and religion, and presents it in a way that is confusing o the surface, but simple once you get down to analysing in. In a way, the book is a classic Will Hill, containing some subtle references to his Department 19 series, but remaining unique. I would absolutely recommend it and give it five out of five stars.

Posted on: 24th April 2018 at 09:50 am

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