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Jessica , Swanshurst School Greenaway Group

A First Book of Animals

This book has really really big pictures which look amazing. Most of the pictures are very colourful and eye catching this is because this book is for little kids that are only just learning about the animals that you can see in this world. I like the way the illustrator has used crayons this makes it really interesting. Also he has used waxing which really makes the pictures stand out and catches the child's eye. I like the way he has camouflage in the pictures. He has drawn the pictures so that you can see which animal is the fastest. Also he has written in very small writing. The animals are done in a way so you can compare the big animals vs the small ones. The owl picture is the same as last weeks book because they all have the moon and they are looking for something or hearing something. All the pictures have a group of animals all together to show the theme of everyone being together. The background of the pictures are light so that the animals can stand out. What I don't like is that in one of the pictures the bat is on its own and Looks like it is stuck.

Posted on: 24th April 2018 at 01:42 pm

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