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Becca, Northampton Academy

The Bone Sparrow

I am reviewing The Bone Sparrow. I really enjoyed this book and I wish that there was a sequel to it. The way the story is constructed and the element of sadness that is within the story. I think that the plot is good and I was really sad when Eli dies at the end, I nearly cried! As I finished the book during English I read the afterword and it is really touching because of the reason she decided to write the book; she wanted people to beware that this kind of thing is really happening all around us and people are in situations like Subhi and his family. I think it is clever how the bits about Subhi were in 1st person and the bits about Jimmy were in 3rd person. I appreciated the story about Jimmy and I felt she added a whole new element to the story. The beginning of the book was hard to get into but once you get into it you are gripped. This is the 6th book I have read and it is my favourite so far.

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 03:03 pm

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