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Becca, Northampton Academy

Salt to the Sea

I am reviewing Salt to the Sea. I really enjoyed this book and I wish that there was a sequel to it. I cried at 3 points during this book and I think that makes a good book. It wasn’t meant to be a humorous book it was meant to have emotion and feeling. I think the message behind the story was meaningful and that the idea this all did really happen. The thought that this was all reality back during the war and people fought just to survive. Being English I have only heard the story of WW2 form our point of view but hearing it from a German's was interesting. Knowing that all the soldiers were doing exactly what the English soldiers were doing makes you think that maybe they weren’t so mean they were just fighting for survival like everyone else. They way that all four of the stories entwine is amazing and so clever. I normally don’t like books with lots of points of views but I really enjoyed this one. The way the story is constructed and the element of sadness that is within the story is beautiful. The beginning of the book was hard to get into but once you get into it you are gripped. I enjoyed this book so much and I couldn’t have thought of a better book to be my second to last. This is the 7th book I have read and it is my favourite so far and I really want it to win!

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 03:14 pm

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