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Teymour, Latymer Upper Shadowers


Railhead was a richly imagined universe, and really enjoyed it. It was interesting seeing how the guardians have been charged to protect humanity, and how they look at humanity on a very macro level and only seek to ensure its survival - as opposed to making it better with an official government (not commercial families, who own whole planets and armies) and police force for the galaxy.

The datasea was a very interesting concept: a whole other universe, spread out across galaxies and connected by the minds of the K-trains. It was interesting how anyone can use it, unlike the modern world - where we are certainly moving towards such an idea, with cloud based computing, - in which we [primarily] store most of our data on devices. It was also interesting to see how it didn't seem to focus on code that much, and more on weapons: such as Raven's train-killers. But it was the way that it was full of monsters, constructed entirely of code that made it so interesting.

Posted on: 23rd May 2017 at 04:43 pm

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