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Martha, Sir Roger Manwoods School

After the Fire

This is a dark and thoughtful book which follows life inside a religious group that section themselves off from society in order to worship God and get ready for the final battle with the 'servants of the serpent'. However the main character Moonbeam shows life here is not all as it seems and violence and mind control are a part of a normal life here in 'the fence'. Everything is harshly restricted and monitored, and punishments are given out routinely if anyone speaks out about God or Father John (the leader of the group). The story follows her after she and some of her friends from the fence are rescued from a fire that started there and taken to a rehabilitation unit to recover, and as she is questioned by the FBI and talks to her therapist it quickly becomes apparent that many people who live within the fence have secrets to hide, and Moonbeam is on of them.

Posted on: 24th April 2018 at 06:32 pm

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