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Abigail Oyalegan, St Catherines Catholic School

The Bone Sparrow

Everyone was separated - people just weren't used to seeing different races flooding their streets, so they came to a conclusion. They decided to bundle up the people who they thought 'didn't belong and put them in a refugee camp. One of these refugees was Subhi's mum, a woman pregnant at the time who gave birth to Subhi.
Subhi was the first child born in the refugee camp and this was all he ever knew. Day by day he hoped and prayed for his ba to come and take them away. He believed that his ba was sending him treasures by the night sea however he was not.
Jimmy was a girl on the outside. The outside to the refugees felt like heaven compared to their life but Jimmy thought the same about them. They could read, write and apparently they had more freedom.
They love of books brought them together, and stuck them together like glue despite their hard times.

Posted on: 24th May 2017 at 08:33 am

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