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Archie, Farleigh Shadows

The Wolves of Currumpaw

The picture power of this book is very good. First of all the pictures
The Wolves Of Currumpaw
Illustrated and written by William Grill, are connected to the story and they help me imagine the story. Secondly the pictures are very basic and good images. There aren't many repeated pictures this makes sure that there is always something new in the next pictures this is very good because it keeps you hooked on the pictures, not knowing what will come next. The pictures are relevant but a few times the pictures do go a bit out of the story. Finally the pictures do persuade me to turn the page over just like a very good book would.

The layout of the writing and the pictures isn't brilliant, for example there is sometimes a mix up in which picture to look at however I got over this fact. I like the text a lot because it is the sort of text that they'd use in the old west, the one that looks like a typewriter.the size of the writing is kept the same which I think is very important for a picture book and not to have the odd word a lot bigger. The colours are very simple and not very sharp but they are very basic and sometimes a bit dull but they are relevant to the story.

My feelings on this book are very positive, I loved reading it a lot. There are a things that in my point of view would need correcting but that is only my opinion. I would recommend this book to my younger brother who is nine years old, and I think would love the book. This book has a good combination of a bit of education and a fun reading source.
This book has a small impact on me but I loved it still none the less. I think that this book is great!

Posted on: 24th May 2017 at 11:30 am

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