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Jos, Farleigh Shadows

The Journey

This book was amazing. Firstly the illustrations were very clever and effective. This was more than just a picture book, it had a message as well. This book is about a family who lived happily and when the war came they lost their dad.

This pictures make you feel sympathetic towards your the family as they are sad and don't feel at home. They constantly have to move home and one of the pages (or two) illustrate that the further they go the more they leave. This is very effective because although they leave their belongings behind, they also leave memories and happiness. This is very sad and you can relate to this in the modern day such as the crisis in Syria. The illustrator makes it very obvious that the story is about refugees. The Title is because it is a journey from one place to another and it is their journey back to normality. The images are very basic but well drawn. This relates to their basic lives and how little they have (goods) and how they are just happy to stay alive.

I like the picture layout because it is simple and that is what a picture should be like because the pictures are supposed to tell most of the story.

This book was very enjoyable to read and changed my view on refugees. This had a good impact on me and I would recommend this book to everyone because it raises awareness about refugees.

Posted on: 24th May 2017 at 11:32 am

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