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Alfie, Farleigh Shadows

The Journey

This book was amazing in so many ways! The pictures were very well illustrated and very clever. They help tell the story and complimented the words nicely.

The Words

The writer and illustrator was very clever in the way that we can relate to what the characters are felling because it is happening today and is a big crisis of if we should let the refugees in our countries or not. It gives the background story of the family and that they were all normal until war broke out. Also the writer was making us feel sympathetic for the refugees and that the guards of the wall into the new country are us and we are not really understanding what they have been through.

The Pictures

The pictures give a very powerful message, they make us think of what they have been through and add to the effect. I noticed throughout the pictures there were no bright colours, which was a very clever way to show us there lifestyle through pictures not words. I found that the words were the children's view on the whole thing and the pictures were the mothers. Like in the book the children hug there mum to feel safe and they think she is brave but actually what they are not seeing is a very sad hurt mother who puts a brace face on to make her children feel safe. The darkness tells us that they don't know where they are going they are just going almost where the wind takes them and also is appropriate for the situation they are in. Also the guards were big in the pictures which give us the image that they think they are bigger than life. The positioning of the pictures is very good as they didn't let the words steal its show. Also the more i got into the book the darker and scarier almost like I was getting lost as well. The book was very pleasurable and made the me feel better reading it after than I felt before but almost made me feel uncomfortable not helping with such a crisis as the book was on the refugees side.

Overall the book was amazing and one of the best story lined books I have read. The message is a very deep but true story and has turned my opinions on refugees. Who would have thought a picture book could do that!

Posted on: 24th May 2017 at 11:33 am

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