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Jeevika, St Helen and St Katharine

Saint Death

Saint Death was written by Marcus Sedgwick. The first thing that caught my eye about Saint Death were the yellow pages. I think this book could win “The Most Imaginative And Creative Front Cover And Pages” if there was such competition. The yellow pages make the book stand out to make readers want to read it. It also gives you an idea that this book could be frightening.
Arturo has been waiting for his “brother/really good friend” for one whole year. However when Faustino turns up it seems that he has only shown up for Arturo’s help. Arturo need to find 1 thousand pounds before tomorrow. What happens when Arturo accidentally adds another 4 grand to that money?
I think the style of this book is horror as it included lots of different problems for Arturo and Faustino. It also gives you information every step of the way and that really does help picture the story and what you think is about to happen next.
The last 25 lines of the story I think was really meaningful especially “He does for Faustino. He sees his friend out there in the desert, tonight, running towards a new life in America.” It sounds as if he really does care about his “brother” and he is happy that he has turned onto a new leaf.
Marcus Sedgwick, the author of Saint Death, is an international award-winning author and he has won many awards. His first novel that he wrote was called “Floodland” and surprisingly he won the “Branford Boase Award For The Best Debut Children’s Novel of 2000. He has won many awards after that moment.
I would rate this book a 9/ 10 as I would generally read this book without needing to and I thought this was really exciting and jaw dropping. Out of all 4 Carnegie books I think this was my favourite.

Posted on: 25th April 2018 at 11:15 am

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