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Yaroslav, Sidcot School

Wed Wabbit

The book has a very original idea, it criticises both the parents and their small children in a very unique way: through the red rabbit, also referred to as the Wed Wabbit. The story is about a girl, Fidge, and her little sister Minnie, who appears to be only 4 years old. Her mum, as suggested, buys all the toys she wants, and this implies just how tiring and uncontrollable it is when a little sister begs for a toy, but, it also reveals the other perspective through the main character whose initial thoughts were just that.
The storyline plied suspense in the reader, although the plot still featured more slowly-paced pieces. The language used was definitely one of the simpler sort, it featured a few important techniques, but its vocabulary wasn't complex, which makes it excellent for the younger ones, or for international students/those whose English is a second language.
It is an excellent book which I would recommend to other students.

Posted on: 25th April 2018 at 12:56 pm

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