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Gabriele, Great Marlow School


Rook is relatable and emotional in numerous aspects of the book. Getting to know the characters and understanding the flow of the plot is simple and even the straightforward journey of the story has plenty of room for the reader's questions and personal opinions. When you begin the winding path of reading rook you are almost lost in the poetic elements hinted into almost every chapter. I would say that Anthony McGowan has a talent for summarising such a complex plot and being able to travel into and out of dilemmas at a quick pace. All the same, I would have enjoyed Rook even more if the plot was extended and looked into even further. Leaving the reader on cliffhangers and enough space to consider their own ideas to be compromised into the story would have increased my enjoyment on this otherwise wonderful book.

I would rate Rook as 10/10 for the ideas and poetic paragraphs, however I feel like a 9/10 would suit it if you consider it overall: including the short story that I was brought into.

Posted on: 25th April 2018 at 01:48 pm

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