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Katherine, Loreto College

Saint Death

This is the second book I've read as part of the Carnegie Challenge. The book is about a teenager called Arturo, who lives in the city of Anapra, Mexico, close to the border of between Mexico and the US.
When his friend Faustino owes a debt to a narco-lord
( gang leader) he can't pay, Arturo has to play calavera
( a card game) in order to get enough money to pay off he debt and get himself, Faustino and his wife Eva across the border into America.
However, to do that, he needs to cheat Saint Death herself, while his whole life is hanging in the balance.
Arturo is an interesting character, and his shifting emotions and belief in Saint Death drives the plot forward, especially when he meets his father near the end of the book. Faustino and Eva are also nice contrasts to Arturo's story, on their quest to make it safely out of Mexico. The book is written very well, even although it does contain some darker and explicit scenes, so this book is not suitable for people under 12/13.
In conclusion I would rate Saint Death a 7/10 or 3.75 stars as even although the book is well written and provides a slightly different kind of feel than some books on the shortlist, it contains slightly disturbing scenes and it isn't really my kind of thriller. Thanks !

Posted on: 25th April 2018 at 02:45 pm

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