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Lara F, QGJS Greenaway Bookworms

The Journey

I liked the book 'The Journey'. It has a nice overall structure, the pictures enhance the text and the illustrations are drawn from an interesting perspective. The cover, at first, seems like a bunch of random pictures all put together, but once you read the book you realise it is like a brief summary of the story. The first page shows the sea, the day and a sand castle city. On the next page the sea comes in and destroys the city which is like the war coming and destroying everything. In the next few pages the "hands" are trying to get the mum, the girl and the boy. However, I have also noticed that on the side there is a coloured picture of them with their father. This shows that people might harm you, but they can never delete your memories if you always keep them close. After the pages with the family travelling, we get to the point when the family come across two giant dogs and guards. In real life they would not have been so big, but since it is maybe from the child's prospective it might seem bigger and scarier than it actually is. The same thing is shown when they are lifted over the wall. There is also a page when the children say they are scared, but they are with their mum and she is never afraid. This page is colourful and bright, but on the next page the mum is crying and it becomes a very dark scene. The last page is when the family is on the neck of a flamingo, flying away with the other birds. This page is showing that the family is finally free just like the wild birds.

Posted on: 24th May 2017 at 05:43 pm

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