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Amy, Chobham Academy Book Group


To be honest I didn't really like "Beck" - I just didn't connect with it. No-one in my group had read it and it was not what I expected. I entered "Beck" not knowing anything about the story.
"Beck" is about the eponymous character whose mother was from Liverpool and father an African American. The story follows his life the hardship of it and the struggle to belong.
In the first part I really didn't like the story I felt extremely uncomfortable reading it and was gagging while reading the last part. The writing in this book was okay considering that it was two authors, I didn't notice the see less change between Mal Peet and Meg Rosoff.
What annoyed me about this book was that tragic events happen to Beck and he seemed to ignore them and never really confront them. In "Part 4" he tells a stranger his whole life story, but in a drunken conversation and it is largely skimmed over. I felt like that delivered a negative message that we should just brush a serious issue under the carpet. I also didn't like the way the story ended I wanted to know if Beck ever told anyone about his history or if he found Bone and Irma.
Beck, I believe, missed the development stage. I did not get to know him as the story went on and I wanted too, but he was just totally lacking. I really like Bone and Irma but they were hardly in the story which was disappointing. Grace was probably the best character she had a personality we got to see and I felt like I knew by the end if the story but I wanted more about her and Beck's relationship.
"Beck" is an important story but it wasn't delivered that way which is a shame because I think it could have been a strong, eye-openers for a book but it just was lacking in a lot of areas. Maybe other people love this book it just wasn't for me.

Posted on: 24th May 2017 at 10:09 pm

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