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Jessica, The King's School, Gloucester

Saint Death

I have never read any books by Marcus Sedgwick before, but I was told that he was a very good author. I was impressed by the book 'Saint Death' and I really enjoyed it, and it didn't take me long to finish the book.

The story takes place in Mexico, in a small poverty filled town called Anapra. It follows a young man named Arturo who is trying to survive life in this town. It starts as he is walking down the road and witnesses the kidnapping of a man named Gabriel, and he attempts to escape the gang by hiding in a doorway. Above the doorway there is a picture of Santa Muerte (who is worshipped as a Goddess by her followers). Arturo then returns home, and thinks about Gabriel and his wife.

Later on, his childhood friend named Faustino shows up at Arturo's door with his girlfriend and baby asking Arturo for help. He needs money, $1000 because he is in debt to a gang leader who will kill him if he finds out about his missing money. Although hesitant, Arturo decides to help his childhood friend.
He turns to playing a card game called calavera. But in doing so ends up more in debt. The story is about Arturo trying to save his friend, and himself from one of the many gangs, as well as trying to find out just what his friend had done to get involved in this kind of trouble.

I enjoyed the book, the characters were well written and believable, and the story kept you turning the pages, and before I knew it, the book was over. There are some small twists and turns in the plot of the book, not too many to be constantly changing, but just enough to keep you thinking and trying to guess what is going to happen next.

However, the ending really surprised me, and although I really enjoyed the book I couldn't help but find myself a tiny bit disappointed by the outcome of the story.

Overall, I loved the book, the story was great and the characters were believable, there was a lot of descriptive language which allowed you to imagine what the characters were going through and what the areas looked like. Although the book was well written, one thing that annoyed me was the absence of speech marks; this is probably just me but I found it a little bit difficult to tell when somebody had stopped speaking. But I would definitely like to read more books by him in the future.

Posted on: 20th March 2018 at 07:31 pm

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