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Eric, The Hewett Academy Norwich


Railhead is a thrilling book, with a tonne of imagery and an amazing plot.

Based in the future, Railhead follows a boy called Zen Starling along his adventure, travelling across planets aboard giant trains with unique personalities. The whole human universe is controlled by mega AIs, whereas large families control train lines and individual planets.

The book introduces you to new vocabulary exclusive to the book series, with a glossary at the back for an easy way to find out more about certain objects and areas of society. This really helps and deepens the lore improving the experience and immersion when reading.

A lot of things add up to creating a book where it is extremely easy to picture a vibrant and detailed world (or worlds) without making things boring. There are shocking plot twists and painful cliff-hangers at the end of chapters which make you not want to stop reading.

I really recommend this book and the sequel- Black Light Express.


Posted on: 3rd April 2017 at 01:26 pm

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