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Grace, St Helen and St Katharine


The plot is well constructive and simple and the author appears to be in control of it. The events are not only believable in the limits of the book but they are likely to happen every day state school life. The author does tire up all loose ends at the end of the book that you are still left asking “what happens next? “.
All the characters are believable and convincing - they all develop during the course of the book. The characters definitely interact with each other convincingly and you definitely know what Nikki is thinking and he didn’t come out of character throughout the book. One problem I found was that it was so short but I didn’t really understand the characters that much and so I didn’t really understand a lot about why the characters did things so the book was quite brief and I think it could’ve gone into a bit more detail. The style is like you in his brain and not is it someone is writing it down it’s exactly as if it was me and the thoughts he thought we’re going through my head. There is a balance of narrative and dialogue throughout the book.
I thought this book was not the best Carnegie book that I’ve read but it was still quite good. It had action, packed into it but I felt it didn’t have enough description of feelings in it I would give it a 7 out of 10.

Posted on: 26th April 2018 at 09:36 am

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