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juan, Farleigh Shadows

The Journey

My vote for the CarnegieGreenaway award goes to The Journey by Francesca Sama. It more or less tells you about refugees trying to run away from war and trying to get into safe countries and they do it only for their children not for themselves. The pictures in the book made me think about the journey a lot because it had lots of them and less writing in it which somehow explained the story a lot better.

The pictures made it funny because it made fun of the characters. The pictures helped me understand the book a lot more because a picture is better than one million words. The pictures make me want to turn the page because more or less every book makes me want to turn the page and with the grate drawing you want to see what's next.

The size of the writing is very good because it is not too big and there is more drawings than words. The writhing of in the page blend in very well because the colours are similar. I feel that the book is based on real life because people suffer try to do everything so that there children can go to a peaceful place and get a better job and so they don't die in war. This book has not only moved my imagination but me as well because it's more or less based in real life, all the people moving countries just for their children and own life.

Posted on: 25th May 2017 at 11:55 am

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