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Kaajal, St Helen and St Katharine


It’s not the first time Nicky and Kenny have saved an animal. A rook was sniffed out by Tina (their dog) and was left in the care of Kenny and Nicky. Nicky however is growing up fast, there’s no time for a rook. There’s a girl he likes, but never wants to make a fool of himself in front of her, and then there are the bullies; They are bigger and older than him. There’s so much on Nicky’s shoulders and finding the confidence might get him through it.
As having a sibling, the interaction between characters was very believable. The youngest is always asking strange questions and the eldest comes up with clever answer. This book shows you the poignant and hard stages some people have when growing up, its very believable and teaches you to be confident and stick up for others.
As the book is written in first person, you can understand more about Nicky’s emotions. McGowan made Nicky’s character have a slight slang but speak relatively normally, there was also a good balance between narrative and dialogue. This book always kept you thinking by never loosing track from the well-constructed plot.
This touching book was such a sad topic but always managed to add very humorous parts that were very relatable or like classic slap-stick comedy jokes. I loved how deep and truthful the words of this book were. It filled me with a heavy heart at times but also gave me a huge grin. For this reason, I give it 9/10. I’m hoping for a sequel!

Posted on: 26th April 2018 at 09:48 am

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