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Jessica, The Hertfordshire and Essex High School


Rook was short yet sweet. It is about a boy whose brother has learning difficulties, his parents are split up, and he gets bullied at school. It is about how he copes with everything, as well as having a crush on his bullies sister.
Nicky is a nice character. He is relatable- having a constant babble of rubbish going on in his head, as well as his thoughts about everything else. He lives his family, especially his brother Kenny, and copes remarkable well with the divorce of his parents and his Dad's new girlfriend.
Some moments in the book are funny, as he faces situations that are embarrassing and very relatable- as you can imagine yourself in that same situation. In particular the escapades he gets in trying to talk to Sarah- the girl he has a crush on- are particularly humorous.
The event that gives the book its name is that Nicky and Kenny find a Rook that was attacked by a Sparrowhawk. I think that the well-being of the Rook throughout the stories as they try and look after it reflect the other events in the book. As it reaches the low point in Nicky's journey- the Rook's condition is portrayed to be at its worst. At the end when the Rook is almost ready to be released back into the wild, the events that previously looked like they would take an enourmous negative effect on Nicky's life suddenly look better.

This book is good for a short read, and I am glad that I have read it. I do not think that it has a chance at winning the Carnegie medal, as whilst it is good, it doesm't come close to some of the other books. I do reccomend you read it though, as it is a good book.
The whole story follows an emotional journey, with a lot of ups and downs

Posted on: 20th March 2018 at 07:50 pm

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