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Kwame, Chapter 7

Salt to the Sea

I think this book is very interesting but complicated, I think this because the author Ruta Sepetys uses fears and challenges which are abstract nouns to be perceived as hunter, souls and spirits which gives the story an edge and a very hard but great technique the author used was different perspectives to each character and what their desires and say on the war from forced to fight to lost and scared in one war. I would describe the story as a jigsaw puzzle as each piece of imperfection fit together to make a great picture in your head as each character meets and learns things about each other and how they can help each other with their traits and attributes. This story is based in a war zone CLOSING Down on East Prussia contains trapped minds of the people of peace, this triggers a desire and ambition to leave the land of violence. I recommend this book to people at the age of 12 yrs and over as it withholds a variation of sophisticated language, this is very educational and has a lot of technique like speech top familiarize yourself with the situation. This contains real historical events which is educationally beneficially. This deserves a GOLD STAR!!

Posted on: 25th May 2017 at 01:20 pm

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