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Logan 4MK, Compass Primary Academy

Wild Animals of the North

The deadly Puma of the morning looks big, vicious and very deadly. The puma also has massive ears that Listens for prey that is coming. The predator has triangle eyes, They might be small but he can see distances to find his food that is far away. For the Puma the sunrise is the best time to come out because things wake and are not ready to fight , but the Puma is. The jaws of the puma are very sharp and ready to eat. The jaws wake up and are ready to hunt and eat the prey that the deadly Puma is going for. This is what you should be afraid of, the nose, because when it wakes up, or it is just roaming around the jungle where it lives. The puma gets their body in front of other animals , so they don't get in front and steals its food. It's strong body to knock animals down and damage its leg, so it cant walk or eat it. The legs of the Puma help it to run realy fast and catch up with its prey.

Posted on: 25th May 2017 at 02:04 pm

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