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Max Prevezer, Dame Alice Owen\'s School Library


Railhead is a well-crafted book with a rich universe with deep law. Its character's are realistic and they feel very human (even the ones that aren't). Each character is unique and they do not follow the trend of stereotypical personality. However, the fact that it was a rich law and back story is its fatal flaw. The book has no way of finding out where you can find key information on the law and has a glossary at the back, which I only find out about because I went looking for it. Even then it does not give me the full image, as well as it expects me to care and pay meticulous attention to detail and take notes. This ruins the experience for me because the book is based around the law and it shapes the story. So most of the time I cannot tell who did what, when or why. The book has some inventive characters such as the hive monk which is made up of little bug that take a human shape and a motorik which is a inventive way to give me an A.I. with a personality. Overall, I think Railhead could have been a great book but I just could not make it past page 100 so I would recommend that people should read it but be told about the glossary first.

Posted on: 25th May 2017 at 03:33 pm

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