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Edward, Larkmead Secondary School

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is an incredibly tense and emotional story based in a small town during the second world war period called Wolf Hollow. Annabelle and her family live on a rich farm who produce food for the town, so far her life is perfect until the occupancy of one young, big minded girl. The family live on a hill surrounded by a large plant of land filled with hills. Everyday Annabelle would see a man,who he said, was called Toby, everyday he would walk the hills never faster nor slower than the day before. The new girl moved that week and Annabelle was still yet to know that she was sent from the depths of hell. However, one day the new girl goes missing and so does Toby. I believe this book should be read by everyone over 11 because of the drama, but I will give this a 5 star rating and the best book I have ever read.

Posted on: 3rd April 2017 at 01:47 pm

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