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Toby, Exeter School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

This is a good book, though it is very confusing at the start as there are no capital letters. I think it is good but the storyline is odd.
It is about a 15 year old girl who got attacked when she was 12 by two boys. They then hit her on the head with a rock so that she could not tell anyone but it means that she is stuck at always being 12. She also makes a friend called Manny who is interested in her and likes her poems which she writes.
I like the book a lot, though I don't think that the girl really acts like a 12 year old. I think that it is interesting and quite sad and a different book from most love stories. It is difficult to get into at first but it gets easier.
I would rate it for 13+ as it is more of an adult themed book. I would probably rate it 6/10 as it is quite hard to get into and then quite odd and disturbing.
I think it is very good book if you want to read a different type of genre. It is very good and interesting with good views from both Alice and Manny and well structured.

Posted on: 25th May 2017 at 07:00 pm

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