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Chloe, Impington Village College


Rook is a well written book that is all about a bird otherwise left to die who was rescued by brothers Kenny, a boy with learning difficulties, and Nicky. Nicky is doubtful that the battered bird will recover and similarly when he faces troubles of his own the same negative thinking creeps in. This does not help him when dealing with a bully in school or liking very much the bully's sister. When Nicky is expelled from his school all seems lost but when Sarah (the bully's sister) helps him get back into school he realises that there is hope after all. The rook faces challenges as it is trying to survive, but after much care he too finds his feet and manages to survive against all odds. My favourite part of the book was when Sarah and Nicky become closer and reading his reaction when he finds out that he can go back to school as it puts a smile on your face. I think that the use of language was effective when it came to conveying characters and atmosphere and that the book is very well constructed. Personally, I think that the final resolution of the plot was credible in relation to the rest of the book. As the story builds up you can sense that something good is about to happen and when it did, it made me feel very pleased with not only with the book and the boys, but also for the R
rook as it managed to succeed in its fight for survival.

Posted on: 26th April 2018 at 10:09 pm

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