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Liam, UAH - Hooked On Books


Rook is an amazing stand-alone book that is gripping right from the very start. McGowan's book begins talking about a bird (Rook) and then he grips us even more by introducing two main characters named Nicky and Kenny.
I liked the fact that McGowan makes so much happen in so few pages without it feeling crammed. The best part of the book, is how Nicky looks out for his learning disabled brother. The two characters bond and deal with issues in their own lives at the same time as helping the bird.
A young rook is attacked by a sparrow hawk in the opening pages and sadly left to die. It is then found by the teenage brothers and nursed by them - leading to an emotional roller coaster of events that the reader can relate to.

Overall, a great read!

Posted on: 26th April 2018 at 10:59 pm

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