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Emily S, Sir Harry Smith Community College


I really don't like this book. To start with the story isn't very interesting. It only encapsulates a day yet it feels like the events have been over a week at least because they are far to chaotic. Also the second story line of the ghost doesn't make sense to me within the story of Adam. I get that she's finding release but I don't know why they'd add 'the queen' who I've never understood and the deer spirit doesn't add anything to the story. Every thing the spirit does seems unecessary and adds nothing to the story and the encounter at the end doesn't really make sense. Then going back to the main storyline I don't think its very realistic. Marty and Adam's revelations on the same day don't make sense as it seems just to perfect and I never really felt connected to the characters. But the main problem with the book is the massive amount if sex described in it. I don't think that a competition that allows children as young as eleven to take part should nominate books that are far too old for them and contain stuff they shouldn't know about. Even as a year 10 I still found the theme of sex disturbing and I don't think it even added anything to the novel. I really dislike this book and don't think it should have been nominated.

Posted on: 27th April 2018 at 09:43 am

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