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Heather, Glossopdale School

Wed Wabbit

Wed Wabbit is a very intriguing book. Our main character, 10 year old Fidge, gets thrown into the Land of Wimbley Woos after her younger sister Minnie is involved in a horrible car accident. Along with her annoying cousin Graham and two stranger companions, Fidge must find a way back home.

Sounds relatively simple, right? Surely Wimbleys aren't dangerous; after all they are just characters from one of Minnie's book! WRONG! This isn't just any version of the Land of Wimbley Woos; it's Minnie's version of it. Fidge, Graham and their two 'friends' must battle Wed Wabbit (who can't say the letter 'r') and hundreds of Blues, rescue the rest of the Wimbleys AND crack a mysterious code that could help them get home. And to make it even harder they must do this before all the colour is drained from the Land of Wimbley Woos!

My favourite character is probably Fidge because she is outgoing, adventurous and determined to beat the challenge in front of her. She may get annoyed at her companions but she would always help them if they needed it. Fidge has been through a lot but she still feels like she needs to help everyone who needs it. She is used to young children as well, so she is able to deal with Wed Wabbit.

The plot is very strange but interesting. However, some parts of the book drag on a bit, which makes it slightly less enjoyable. In spite of this, the book is well-written and the characters and setting are described well so you get a sense of being there.

I would recommend this book to children, age 9 and upwards because it is quite childish and I think that it would get their imaginations working. Also, it seems like the sort of story that younger children would like.

Overall, I would give this book 4 and a half out of 5 stars because, although the story is imaginative, like I stated before, some parts do drag on a bit and take away from the story. I also like the front cover because it shows the two different sides to a seemingly inanimate cuddly toy - Wed Wabbit...

Posted on: 27th April 2018 at 12:33 pm

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