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Aris, Priory School


Rail head is a interesting book set place in the future when humans are able to travel around space on trains! I don't think that the world or the settings he is trying to create is believable at all! in one world there are flying mantis that attack Zen Starling (the main character). Another unrealistic thing are the hive monks, they are lots of bugs joined together and have become a intelligent being, which couldn't happen in the future. The ending of the book is very abrupt, as it ends within one paragraph where they go into a unknown character... this was very predictable. Another bad thing about the ending was the character Malik, who has been trying to catch Zen Starling through the whole books lets him go suddenly which is very odd as he has been Zen's enemy for a while. I did like the characters as they were the one thing that was believable, but they felt very old fashioned and out of place in the settings they were put in. Over all I didn't like the book as it was confusing and badly told (in my opinion).

Posted on: 26th May 2017 at 09:40 am

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